Royal Society of Edinburgh, IYoL

The project DREAMS OF MATTER, SEEDS OF LIGHT, 2015 is a collaborative initiative between visual artist Nedyalka Panova and The Synthetic Optics Group at Physics Department, University of Saint Andrews. It is focused on the aesthetics and optical properties of silica based aerogel  explored by the visual artist’s perspective.
Nedyalka Panova combines organic matters and nano colloidal quantum dots to investigate and interpret the interactive behaviour of the porous structure of Aerogel and how the latter affects the structure of the material. Nedyalka has imaged this in series of large prints, discreetly illuminated boxes, interactive installations and video, and presented in the Hutton’s room at RSE on the 23rd of February.
The project was developed with the support of EPSRC, Impact Acceleration Account Grant.









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