I know many houses made of stone, but I have never seen a house turned into a  stone.

I keep looking for a good comparison of aerogel: clouds, dunes, plants, light

DSC_6689 DSC_6723DSC_9660DSC_0036 The impossible drop




Looking at the stones lying on the beach: Peaces of a broken picture. Who can put it together?

Like a child who explores the surrounding, she enters the enclosure of the experience: phenomenon, scenario,  sound, language or taste…I hope I did not hurt you when you saw me that day.



Once I  cut off some of my hair, then tied it in a bundle with red ribbon and dropped it into a small river crossing my path on its way to the sea.

The bundle floated slowly, uncertain about directions and speed, disconnected, confused, almost lost…In a minute the flow called out to it and the bundle followed its call; running with the stream, stopping for a fragment of time on top of a rock and then jumped off again, elegantly and lightly.

Moved by the river’s desire, it sneaked trough stones, overcame whirlpools and reappeared down the stream. I sent my sadness away.

DSC_4402   I sent my sadness away.


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