This blog is about Art, Life, Science and the everyday work of artists as a scientist.

Every time we define something we draw the line of its limit. And the question is: What is beyond this limit? I think this is true for art and science and for any other aspect of life.

The project has the working title ‘Artist as a material scientist and the extended phenotype.’ Every time we step beyond the limit of our knowledge and stretch ourselves out into the unknown we grow up again  to the age of a child who is ready to learn and to unfold any previous and future understanding  of the environment, and that is what is called evolution.

A collaboration between Synthetic optics group and me takes part last summer (2014)and I shared my observations and project as an  artist-in-laboratory working on the interface between art and science, air and sand, liquid and gas, a line that blurs in front of my eyes.

This year my summer project is about Nanohaiga and is in collaboration with UCC and Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland

Please visit http://www.mcag.ie/nano-art/

Contact details: nedyalka.panova@tyndall.ie;  +353 899 857 409


One thought on “About

  1. ‘I will also try to share my observations and project on the interface between Chinese and Scottish, sound and laser, vibration and steady, a membrane that resonates in front of my eyes…’
    Jingzhi Wu

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